13 Ways to Use 2 Liter Bottles

My husband is a Pepsi drinker. I drink almost exclusively water and coffee but occasionally I like a small glass of root beer. So we have 2 liter bottles around. In my state we have to pay a dime extra when we buy pop which is returned when you take the bottles/cans back to the store. But I find that re-purposing the 2 liter bottles is worth far more than the ten pennies I get back.

  1. Ice – I fill 2 liter bottles about 90% full and freeze them. They help keep my freezer full when needed and they are great for keeping ice chests cold.
  2. Drinking water – 2 liter bottles are FDA approved for consumable items so you can use them to store water. This is especially nice when you drink the ice cold water that has melted from use number 1.
  3. SODIS –This is a method of disinfecting water from non-potable water. 2 liter bottles can be used for this purpose. Wikipedia has an article on SODIS and there are videos available to instruct you on how to use the SODIS method(s).
  4. Food storage – I store white sugar, dried beans, and rice in 2 liter bottles with oxygen absorbers. Because the bottles I use are clear I protect them from light.
  5. Hand washing station – If you’re camping or in a SHTF situation and don’t have access to a sink with running water 2 liter bottles can be hung upside down with the cap ever so slightly loosened. This allows a small trickle of water (adjustable) to flow down to wash hands.
  6. Fish trap – There are plenty of videos available on the Internet on building fish traps. While a 2 liter bottle isn’t going to trap a fish of prize winning size it could certainly catch fish big enough to provide food.
  7. Water filter –Just pile the appropriate amounts of gravel, activated charcoal, and sand and create a viable makeshift water filter in no time! You do have to wait a week or two for the biolayer to form so be sure you have other water available in the meantime.
  8. Mini greenhouse – I cut 2 liter bottles in half and put them over my little green babies in the garden early in the season. They protect my vulnerable plants if there’s a sudden dip in temperature.
  9. Drip irrigation – By putting very small holes in 2 liter bottles you can create your own drip irrigation system. This is especially helpful if you can no longer simply turn on your garden hose and sprinkler.
  10. Emergency floatation device – Leave the caps on and tie a few (or a lot) of the 2 liter bottles together and you’ve got an emergency floatation device.
  11. Funnel – Cut off the bottom of a 2 liter bottle and put the top end (cap removed) into whatever you are trying to fill.
  12. Boil water – By hanging a 2 liter bottle above a campfire you can boil water. It’s important that the bottle by far above the fire so that the flames do not touch the plastic. This is a slow method but could be handy in a SHTF situation.
  13. Water bailer / scoop– Again, cut the bottom off and now you have a water cut it at an angle and turn that same water bottle into a makeshift scoop.


*A note on using 2 liter bottles for food storage. Be sure that you use the bottles with the rubber-like ring inside the cap to ensure that they seal correctly for food storage. You can test this by putting the cap on the bottle and submerging it in water. If no bubbles appear the s

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